Sean C. Wagner Reflects on 10 Years of Compliance with FTI Law

Sean Wagner

In the Fintech Times article, “Looking Back at 10 Years of Compliance With FTI Law,” Sean C. Wagner discusses the ongoing changes in the regtech space and how compliance has evolved in the last decade.

Sean acknowledges the difficulties faced by regulatory compliance teams in a continually evolving landscape with inconsistent state and federal regulations and questions regarding pending regulatory changes. He advises compliance professionals to take practical steps to mitigate risk and succeed despite the challenges.

“…when dealing with regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions, we generally advise our clients to operationalize a single process that is sufficient to satisfy the regulatory requirements for the most restrictive regulatory provision, as opposed to having different processes for different jurisdictions,” said Sean. “This high-level approach often makes it easier to expand into new jurisdictions without changing company policies.”

The full article is available here.