About Wagner Hicks

Wagner Hicks is a select group of highly focused attorneys dedicated to providing a full suite of tailored, in-depth, and comprehensive legal services to private businesses.

Our clients are private businesses seeking growth. They are unafraid of taking risks. They have growing enterprises with complex webs of legal needs. They seek legal counsel that understands their businesses and their markets and that can recommend innovative strategies to reach their objectives and solve their problems. Though they may represent a broad spectrum of sizes and industries, their common denominator is an entrepreneurial mindset.

The attorneys at Wagner Hicks are focused and driven. With deep knowledge of their clients’ legal and business landscapes, they seek to become trusted partners for their clients, providing tailored services to help client businesses expand, manage increasingly complex enterprises and related compliance challenges, and navigate disputes and litigation. Wagner Hicks attorneys provide steady counsel over time as their clients’ businesses evolve.

As a firm, Wagner Hicks represents depth, agility, precision, and focused intention. It is a high-end boutique firm with bespoke offerings tailored to a client’s specific needs. Its ethos is rooted in immersion — both in business and law.

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