Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Wagner Hicks provides highly sophisticated legal analysis and advocacy to our clients with regard to privacy and information law. The law in these areas is complex and evolving rapidly, making our experience in these matters a substantial benefit to the entities we represent. Our team protects our clients with regard to the legal issues arising in connection with data protection, privacy, and access to documents. Our strategies allow our clients to handle potential crises and the litigation or regulatory investigation that may follow such events.


  • Coordinating forensic investigators, security consultants, and insurance professionals
  • Preparing action plans, including victim notification, public relations and communication, and mitigation
  • Representing clients in related governmental enforcement actions and civil and criminal investigations
  • Identifying data breach root cause and incident containment
  • Guiding IT staff during initial incident triage and data breach investigation
  • Complying with all applicable breach notification laws

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