Ben Hicks Discusses Benefits of Delaware Business Incorporation with Fortune

In the recent Fortune article “Elon Musk hates Delaware now. Here’s why millions of businesses love it,” Wagner Hicks co-founder Ben Hicks comments on Delaware’s prominence and appeal for business incorporation.

“Delaware is the king of corporate law,” he said.

Ben, who advises start-up and growing companies at every phase of their life cycle, notes that studies suggest about two thirds of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware. Why? Because they then have the benefit of being governed by Delaware law, which is extremely well-developed and offers the Court of Chancery, a separate court system with a very sophisticated set of justices for corporations.

“Investors and boards of directors like the predictability and sophistication of the judiciary that comes with an entity that is incorporated in Delaware,” he said.

In advising his own clients on incorporation and other business matters, Ben regularly draws on his firsthand experience in business ownership and management. The firm’s Startups & Venture Capital team has deep experience in working with early stage companies as they are formed, build out their operations, and obtain growth capital.